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Timber Beans Dedication

Inspired by the Pioneer Spirit

Timber Beans Coffee was inspired by the pioneer spirit honoring men and women who tamed the American Frontier. They sought out new beginnings in a land that was wild and unforgiving.

Homesteaders cut timbers used to build homes and villages along most river ways. The woodsman was born along with its rugged attractive nature luring people westward. Logging was an industry that had no end. They hunted game and trapped the fur that would keep them warm. Cabins were constructed using primitive methods. Hand-hewn beams were stacked packing sod and hay in the gaps. The old-fashioned way of life gives insight to struggles endured, bringing the innovations to survive.

Coffee was a luxury often welcomed by warm conversation with a traveler or friend. A small coffee mill would be packed easily as its uses were vast. Flour, tea, and spices were staple items produced by the mill. Although more advanced in modern-day, we still enjoy warm conversation among travelers and friends.

The sunrise of your morning starts with a woodsman spirit, so “Top of The Timber to Ya” with Timber Beans Coffee.

Our Philosophy

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― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!
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